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The art of sleeping
Gandhiji was like a waterfall of work. It was as if he was like the giant Niagara waterfalls.
But, all the same, he had developed a tremendous capacity to take rest during his busy schedules. Whenever he felt tired, he could immediately go to sleep for a few minutes and he would again wake up fresh for further work.
It was his habit to finish some work even as he slept. For example, after having his massage, Gandhiji would sleep in a water tub and Manuben would use this time for his shaving. But, Manuben would feel hesitant thinking that, Bapu hardly finds some time to rest and shaving would disturb his sleep. So, she would stop it.
But, Bapu was very alert in extracting work from others. He explained to Manuben, “Even if I am sleeping, you should continue your work, only then can I sleep more and along with that, my work is also done. But, you have not learnt that yet and so I have to suffer the results. I have to remain awake to stimulate you to continue this work.
Manuben: “Bapuji, you are amazing! When you are very tired, you just rest for five, seven minutes and even then you insist me to continue shaving. This is too much! Moreover, you say that then only you are able to sleep without any anxiety. What an amazing power to sleep!”
Bapu: “As far as I can sleep in this manner, I have no worry. But, the day I lose this power, you should understand that my fall is close by. In such a situation I would know that it is a result of some pretension within myself and the Rama nama is not in my heart. But as far as God has bestowed this power upon me, I am not bothered. So, having faith in God, you should also continue your work. He is generous to all and never does any harm to anyone. It is only we people who harm ourselves and then we blame the God for our deeds.”