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Winning in a loss
When Ba and Bapu were jailed in Aga Khan Palace, their colleagues and also the jail superintendent Mr Kateli used to play Carrom with the 75 years old Ba. Everybody would try to make Ba win. Sometimes Bapu would also watch the game and would even play his turn.
They had also planned to play outdoor games to get some exercise. Monsoon had started so the jail officer arranged for table-tennis in one of the rooms. They all decided to get this game inaugurated by Ba and Bapu. Ba and Bapu both stood with rackets in their hands like players. After many years Bapu would have caught the racket in his hands.
Ba had to take her turn first.
Bapu told: “Be careful!”
Ba: “See! Do not cheat!”
Bapuji:  “I have always been defeated by you, and to get defeated by you, gives me immense pleasure.”
Everybody burst into laughter.
Bapu told everybody, “If men admit even some defeat from women, then the double benefit of women’s power can be acquired and many riddles of our society would be solved on its own accord………”
Then again turning towards Ba he said, “I achieve many successes only being defeated by you. It is because of your company that I appear honourable.”
Everybody was delighted to see this couple, who had
been victorious by admitting defeat to each another.