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Practical approach
After returning from England, young Mohandas had to struggle to find a source of livelihood, because he could not succeed in his law practice. He was good at drafting applications. He even increased his efforts. He could get such work in abundance, but without any money, and it could not provide a living. He could not stand up and make arguments in the court, which he found to be difficult. So, he was compelled to find some other job.
He believed that he was good at English and so he could be a teacher in some school. He was ready to take up a job as an English teacher for the matric class, so that it could at least provide him some income.
One day, he saw an advertisement in the newspaper seeking an English teacher for an hour daily in some high school. The salary was Rs. 75. Mohandas applied for this post. He was called for a personal meeting. Young barrister was very enthusiastic to be a teacher. But when the principal knew that he was not a B.A., he felt sorry and told him to go. The young man tried to convince the principal.
Mohandas: “But, I have passed matriculation examination of London. Latin was my second language.”
Principal: “That is true. But we want a graduate.”
Thus he was proved ineligible for this post. Despite his being a Barrister he was ready to accept any honest job like a teacher. It was his humility, simplicity and practicality, behind which the seeds of his being a teacher of the whole humanity were laid.