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The magic of love
Ba’s health deteriorated. She was earlier saved with great difficulty. Once again the disease relapsed. When other cures failed, Gandhiji thought of nature cure and pleaded Ba to give up salt and pulses. He made her read material on the subject and explained also related writings of known people to support his belief. But, Ba was adamant.
She just spoke out unintentionally, “Even YOU will not give up salt and pulses, if you are told to do so.”
Listening to that Bapu felt bad, but at the same time he also felt happy to find that this is the right chance and occasion for him to express his love towards her.
He straight away told, “Alright, I am giving up salt and pulses from now, for a year. Whether you leave it or not is another matter!”
Ba repented a lot and exclaimed, “Please forgive me. I just spoke out despite knowing your nature. Now I will not eat salt and pulses. But, you please withdraw your statement. It’s a very hard punishment to me!”
Bapu: “It is very nice if you leave salt and pulses. I am sure you will get   benefit only by that. But, the pledge once taken, I cannot change. I will surely get the benefit of it and it will also help you to remain steadfast on your decision.”
Ba: “You are very stubborn. You do not listen to anybody.”
Ba then wept a lot and kept quite.
But, Bapu found the key to Satyagraha from this incident, which took place between the husband and wife. It is a device of Satyagraha to reach out to the heart of the other person through love and sacrifice and to help him achieve beneficial transformation in life.
That is why Bapu said about this incident: “I consider it as one of the sweet memories of my life.”