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Nothing is unimportant
Once, on seeing Prabhavati searching for something in the dustbin papers, mother Kasturba asked, “Bahen, what are you doing?”
Prabhavati: “Ba, I am trying to find out a small green paper.”
Ba: “What is this paper about, that you are putting so much effort to find it? Is that about some important writing?”
Prabhavati: “No, it is just a small green paper to stop the lantern light coming directly into the eyes. It is Bapu’s paper. I dropped it somewhere while cleaning the lantern. I think it could be here, somewhere in the dust bin, so I am trying to find out.”
Ba straightaway went to Bapu. She had all the right to fight with him. She soon took on Bapuji, saying, “What is this? Why are you troubling the poor little girl unnecessarily? She has been searching and searching for such a small piece of paper for quite some time!”
Bapu:  “It is true that the paper is small. But, that does not mean that, it was useless. It was extremely useful in its own place. Why should it be thrown away or lost? It should be found out and kept back in its place. Let her find it. It is a good thing only to do that.”
At last, Prabhavati found the paper and it was again put back in its own place. That made the whole atmosphere all the more pleasant and light.