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A lesson learnt from mistake
Head Master Gimi of Alfred High, Rajkot, had made games and gymnastics compulsory for upper class students. Earlier, Mohan disliked it and never took part in any games. But, now he had to join in as it was made compulsory for all.
One day, the Head Master called him, “Why were you absent on Saturday?”
Mohan told that he had come but there was nobody on the play ground at that time.
Head Master shouted, “Why did you come late?”
Mohan clarified that, he had no watch and it was a cloudy day. So, he could not know the time.
It is obvious that, the Head Master would have thought that all these are mere excuses. He fined Mohan two Annas for this.
Mohan was deeply pained and told himself, “I am convicted of lying. I am not wrong. But how was I to prove my innocence? There was no way.”
He cried in deep anguish.
But, that day the young Mohan resolved that, a man of truth must also not be careless. The principle, which Mohan derived that day from the play ground, stood him in good stead all his life.