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The Sportsmanship
Somebody put forward an autograph book before Gandhiji to get his signature. He flapped the pages. At a place Gandhiji saw about sixteen signatures of the great cricketers of the M.C.C. team of the world in a row. He put down his signature in the same row at the end.
In a way, He too was a great player, right?
Once, the Nawab of Patoudi, a great cricket player of India at that time, had gone to see Gandhiji. Gandhiji told him that, they both would play a cricket match and that he had decided to challenge him.
The Nawab of Patoudi said, “I have one condition. After the match is over, you permit me to challenge you in politics.” Gandhiji readily agreed to that.
The Nawab then said with a serious face, “See, I am sure, you will give me a solid defeat in cricket. But, all the same, I am fully confident that I will give you a big defeat in politics.  Gandhiji burst into laughter like a child and patting him on back, he said, “Nawab saheb, you have already clean-bolded me right away!”