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A lesson for school children
While Gandhiji was on travel, he visited one ashram school. It was raining and so the children got late for school in the morning. Gandhiji had to proceed elsewhere. So, he could spend only a few minutes with the children.
Gandhiji started talking to them, “All of you spin and wear Khadi. But, tell me now, how many of you always speak truth only and never tell a lie?”
Few children raised their hands. Gandhiji then asked the second question, “Well, now how many of you often speak lies?”
Two children soon raised their hands.
Then three……
Then four…….
And later, lots of hands and hands were seen. Almost all hands were up.
Gandhiji told them, “There is always a hope for them who know and accept that, they frequently lie. But, it is very difficult for them who believe they never lie. I wish success to both.”