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The power of practice
Once Gandhiji had lodged in a very rich man‘s house. It was the time for evening prayers. Many people had gathered for the same. Now it was time to start the prayer. Gandhiji instructed to switch off the lights. The switch of electric lamp was just above the owner of the house, where he was sitting. As was his habit, the owner called out his servant loudly to do the job.
But, what happened then? Gandhiji instantly got up, switched off the light and the prayer then started.
As usual, there was a question-answer session following the prayer. Someone questioned about spinning work. In reply, Gandhiji said referring to Bhagawad Gita that, those who do not perform their duty, devoting their acts to almighty, are thieves.
After the prayer, people dispersed. Somebody pushed the corner table and a decorated vase rolled down and the glass broke into pieces.
Oh, but what is this? The landlord himself has reached there running, and has started picking up and collecting the broken glass. Where has the habit of calling the servant disappeared? What a change in a moment?
It was the practice of his great guest, which had made this magic change possible.