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Playful Bapu
Despite so many heavy engagements, Bapu used to go for a daily walk without fail for an hour in the morning. He even expressed his dislike, though respectfully, towards his political Guru Gopalkrishna Gokhale, who did not go for a walk and who generally kept an indifferent health.
When he went out for his walks from the Ashram, many people often accompanied him. If someone would want to meet and specially talk to him, Gandhiji would sometimes give an appointment of early morning and while walking he would also talk to them.
Of course, children had always the first right on Bapu and he would even playfully prank with them. Once, a mischievous child asked Bapu, “Bapu can I ask one thing?”  Bapu said yes, so he just came forward and looking at him asked, “Does Ahimsa mean not to hurt anybody?” He had asked the question in a serious tone. Bapu said, “Correct.”
The child soon grabbed the chance and asked: “Then, when you pinch us on our cheeks laughingly, would that be called Himsa (violence) or Ahimsa (non-violence)?
Bapu said: “Wait, you naughty boy! And Bapu caught up with him and pinched him hard. Then all children started laughing, and all clapped with shouted, “Hey, look we irritated Bapu! We peeved Bapu!”
But, in all that laughter, the one which was heard loudest was that of Bapu.