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Universe as family
Once, on observing Bapu without any Kurta, a young pupil asked, “Bapu, why are you not wearing any kurta on yourself?”
Bapu stated, “Where do I have any money for that?”
To this the pupil asked, “Alright, I will tell my mother to stitch one for you. Then, you will wear it, isn’t it?”
Bapu: “But how many will your mother stitch?”
Pupil: “How many do you want?
Bapu: “Am I just alone? Can I wear it just myself?”
Pupil: “Of course, you should not wear it alone. How many people you want it for?
Bapu: “Well, I have some forty crore of siblings. Will your mother stitch for all of them? In fact, only thereafter I can take my own turn.”
The little child was now really puzzled. The Innocent kid wanted to offer a cloth to Bapu with a deep affection, but Bapu initiated his tender heart into a universal vision, to view the entire world as one family.