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The miracle of Ramnam
Little Mohan was very scared of going alone in the dark. He would imagine ghosts coming from one direction, thieves from the other and serpents from the third.
Once, he had to go out alone in the dark. But, how could it be possible? He was very timid. Their house maid Rambha, was standing just by his side. She told Mohan quietly, “Mohan, why are you so scared? Whether it is dark or whatever, just recite the Rama Nama and go ahead; no one can do any harm to you whatsoever. Mohan was soon convinced and he went forward. From that very moment Mohan not only repeated the Rama Nama all the time, but it carved out a permanent place in his heart.
Rama Nama made him so fearless that, later he showed the forty crore Indians and also the whole humanity, the way to live fearlessly. Even at the last moment of his life, Rama Nama was there on his lips.