46. Fast for love

All the students, boys and girls, knew that Gandhiji always taught not to beat or hurt anybody.

Because of this students had no fear of beating in his National (Rashtriya) School. If at all some teacher dared to beat a student, he was able to question the teacher.

Gandhiji never used to beat any student if he was at fault. He would never insult him for his mistakes. But very often when the students committed mistakes he himself would keep fast.

In this way, once he had to keep fast for a week. He used to say, "How can I be angry with them for their mistakes? My fault must have been responsible for their misdeeds. If I am pure enough, how could the child living with me be wrong? If I were a truthful follower of 'Ahimsa', the child would not be afraid of accepting his misdeed."

This thought always inspired him to keep fast.

Was there a child who could not be impressed by such love?