41. The result of Sins

We felt so bad when the White people called us labourers.

Can you Imagine what the Harijans might be feeling when we call them Bhangi (the scavengers)!

How badly and often we insult them? We don't touch them; we don't allow them to live inside the village. Whenever they have to cross the village they have to keep shouting...

Keep away, my lords!

Don't touch us, our lords!

We are your scavengers, my lords!

Such extreme insult!

They would die for want of water but we won't let them take it from our wells!

All the children from the village come to study in the school but their children won't be allowed or made to sit at a distance.

Everybody would be allowed to travel by the train, but as soon as they come, people will call out, "There's no seat vacant!"

All would be allowed to visit the temples but they are banned to do so!

Is it not miserable?

They clean our courtyards and our towns and cities. They weave clothes for us, but we don't care at all. What do we pay them for all these services? We throw the leftover food at them.

There is no limit to the sins we commit. Why wouldn't the foreigners look down upon us? Gandhiji believed that god is punishing us for our sins. That is why he served Harijans. He used to say that serving them is not a sin but a noble deed!