39. Mir Alam became a devotee

The important part of this story begins now. The South African government did not keep its promise. Hence, Gandhiji started his movement again.

He informed people that the government had deceived them. So they would have to start the Satyagraha again. People had willingly sought the permission to live there. Now they were going to burn the permissions. Those who were willing to take part in the movement, had to send in their permissions.

People took up the challenge. Gandhiji received heaps of permission papers.

A day was fixed for the bon-fire. A meeting was called and the people heaped up their permission papers in the center.

Gandhiji asked the people if they had given their permissions willingly. The people said 'yes'. He asked to take them back if someone wished so. But the people did not take them back.

Gandhiji warned them that it was not an easy task and they might have to go to prison. But the people didn't care and asked him to burn them.

Suddenly, a Pathan got up and coming to Gandhiji he said, "Gandhiji, take my papers too and excuse my follies. I could not understand and follow you. You are very brave."

Gandhiji shook hands with him. The people kept on clapping loudly and the fire was burned.

Since then Mir Alam became a staunch follower of Gandhiji. He served as his bodyguard even though Gandhiji did not ask him to do so.