21. The Khadi Cap

The labourers in the Ahmedabad mill had some dispute with the owners.

They went on strike. Anusuyaben took it upon herself to lead them. If she was to lead them, how could Gandhiji stay away from it?

The movement went on for so many months. Gandhiji would visit the labourers everyday and advise them.

The poor labourers were getting unemployed. They had nothing to eat yet they came to listen to Gandhiji's advice. They firmly kept the strike going.

As the days passed by a strong bond developed between Gandhiji and the labourers. Whenever he realised the difference between himself and the labourers Gandhiji would feel very sorry. He thought, "These poor people don't even have rags to cover their bodies. Then why should I have so many clothes? The cloth of my turban is long enough to make ten caps, which would cover ten heads.

Since then he gave up wearing a turban and started using the cap. He also made his dhoti short, gave up wearing a long coat and contented himself with a short shirt.

When he established equality with those labourers then only his truth loving soul felt peace.