17. Ganga on this Bank and Yamuna on the Other

Do you know the song of Gokul?

The Ganga flows on this bank,
And Yamuna on the other;
In between lies the lovely village Gokul;
The lovely village,
The lovely village, hey, hey!

Same is the case with Gandhiji's Ashram. The Sabarmati jail is situated on its one side and the Dudheshwar Smashan (funeral ground) on the other.

Gandhiji has selected a place fit for satyagrahis. A satyagrahi is neither afraid of jail nor does he fear death. Both of them are his beloved neighbours!

Pointing towards jail, Gandhiji used to tell the inmates of the Ashram, "Some day we will have to go there and stay. So we would better learn the hardships of a prisoner."

He would point at Dudheshwar and say, "Why be afraid of going where we frequently go for a walk? Always be prepared to sacrifice your life for your country!"

Who would come to live at such a place? Only those people would come there who are willing to learn patriotism, who would like to live with Gandhiji and those who would like to lead a pious and active (industrious) life!