13. Characteristics of Gandhiji

Gandhiji had so many characteristics, which we should know.

He never walked slowly. He would always walk fast and with energy.

He never slumped while sitting. He would always sit straight and be firm. He never wrote sitting at the table; instead he kept the paper on his lap and wrote.

He used to read whatever he wrote and then only write further. He would send a post-card only after he had read it again and corrected the mistakes.

He wasvery much fond of cleanliness and neatness. That is why his clothes and other things used to be very clean and tidy.

He would do everything quite meticulously.

He would never pose for a photograph. He always had a lot of work to do. But whenever a child came to him he would always play with him.

Gandhiji always laughed aloud heartily while chatting with people.