10. How did Gandhi live?

Do you want to know how Gandhiji lived his life? He used to get up very early each morning. After brushing his teeth he used to pray and then he would go for morning walk while coming back from the walk he used to visit the ill people in the Ashram.

Afterwards he would go to the kitchen to clean and cut the vegetables, which was allotted to him and then he would take breakfast.

Then it would be time for the visitors who had an appointment or else read the letters and reply them. Sometimes he would write articles for 'Navjivan'.

He used to look after serving at the meal-time, personally.

In the afternoons he used to spin yarn regularly. He had made it a rule to spin yarn for at least one hour everyday and make at least 160 strands.

In the evenings he would take meals before sunset and then take a walk for a few minutes.

Apart from this he would teach the women or the students or the small children in the school, according to the time-table.

Like this Gandhiji kept himself busy all day long. He slept at 9 O'clock. Sometimes there used to be so much work that he had to keep awake till late and finish the work. Yet he would get up at 4 O'clock in the morning even if he had slept very late. It would never change his routine.