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04. Ba ( Kasturba )
Many of you might have seen Bapu but a lot of people have hardly seen Kasturba.
"Ba" never behaved as if she was a very great person. She never sat on Bapu's seat to meet the people. No! She would be busy doing something or making rotis in the kitchen or preparing a meal for Gandhiji or else nursing a patient. If Gandhiji took ill it was Ba's duty to look after him and comfort him by pressing his forehead softly. She was seen on such occasions only.
She was not a person who would deliver a lecture which Bapu was supposed to do.. She used to sit among the ladies and nobody would notice her or else she would stay at home and get busy with her work.
Ba did not try to be 'great' in other's eyes. She loved only one thing - to follow in Bapu's footsteps and care for him. Sita sacrificed the luxurious life to follow Ram during exile. Similarly, Ba also left behind the comforts of life and started living in the Ashram with Bapu. Ba was a truly sacred soul. She was an embodiment of Sati.