3. Putlibai

Gandhiji's mother's name was Putlibai. She was a true devotee of God. She would not have food until she finished her puja (prayer) rituals. She would go to the temple regularly.

She would strictly keep fast on Ekadashi (Eleventh day of the lunar month). Having meals only once a day was child's play for her.

During the sacred four month's period (chaturmas) she used to pray devoutly and observe all rituals. During this period she used to be so strict that she would take meals only after she saw and prayed the Sun.

No wonder that the children loved such a religious mother. The children would watch for the Sun to shine through the clouds. They would run in to inform their mother the moment they saw the Sun come out of the clouds.

"Come, mother, come quickly and see the Sun." Sometimes the Sun would disappear before she could come. Then she would have to go without food for the day.

But the mother was a rightous devotee and she would never leave the rituals halfway because of illness or any other reason.

Gandhiji's mother was such a pious and self-respecting person.