1. Home Town

Which is Gandhiji's home- town?

Porbunder will immediately say, "I am! He was born here!"

The Phoenix and Tolstoy Ashram abroad will say, "Why do you forget, it was here that he was truly 'born'?"

Ahmedabad will say, "But he did build his Ashram on my river banks!"

Pune will also try to take the credit, "Don't you forget that he was kept in my Yerawada jail."

The farmers from Bihar would exclaim, "Whatever you may claim, but he truly belonged to us. Do you know how much he liked to wander in our indigo fields?"

At this Punjab will come forward roaring, "Who can deny that my..Jallianwala Baug was the one, which kindled the fire within him?"

Kolkata would say, "But it was this place from where he began his non-cooperation movement!"

Mumbai would retort, "Didn't he choose me to begin Satyagraha?"

Bardoli will come forward and say, "Will anyone listen to me? Didn't he begin his fight on my soil?"

Delhi thinks that Gandhiji belongs to her because he spent twenty-one days of his fast there. Belgaum thinks that it has more right to own Gandhiji than any other place. Wasn't Gandhiji honoured with chairmanship at the National Convention here?

Himalaya, the king of mountains, is laughing at this. "Who can explain things to them?

Can these innocent people understand what Gandhiji really longed for?"

Blessed is the tiny place Segaon! No one knew the name of this village, situated in Central India! It never tried to possess him. Neither did it complain nor make any demand. Yet Gandhiji favoured it.