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One man changed the World for all times!

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Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi - His Relevance for Our Times

Edited by: G. Ramachandran & T.K. Mahadevan

ISBN 81-7229-348-8

Printed by:
Kapur Printing Press, Delhi, India

Published by:
Gandhi Peace Foundation
221/223 Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110 002, India.

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» Preface
» Introduction
» (Prologue) The Relevance of Gandhi
» The Tradition of Nonviolence and its Underlying Forces
» A Study of the Meanings of Nonviolence
» Notes on the Theory of Nonviolence
» Nonviolence as a Positive Concept
» Experimentation in Nonviolence: the Next Phase
» Satyagraha versus Duragraha: the Limits of Symbolic Violence
» The Best Solver of Conflicts
» The Spiritual Basis of Satyagraha
» Satyagraha as a Mirror
» Why Did Gandhi Fail?
» Gandhi's Political Significance Today
» Violence and Power Politics
» India Yet Must Show The Way
» War and What Price Freedom
» A Coordinated Approach to Disarmament
» A Disarmament Adequate to Our Times
» The Impact Of Gandhi on the U.S. Peace Movement
» Nonviolence and Mississippi
» Aspects of Nonviolence in American Culture
» The Gandhian Approach to World Peace
» The Grass-roots of World Peace
» Is There a Nonviolent Road to a Peaceful World?
» Nuclear Explosions and World Peace
» The Gandhian Way and Nuclear War
» A Gandhian Model for World Politics
» A Nonviolent International Authority
» Basic Principles of Gandhism
» The Ideal and the Actual in Gandhi's Philosophy
» Means and Ends in Politics
» A Contemporary Interpretation of Ahimsa
» The True Spirit of Satyagraha
» Gandhi through the Eyes of the Gita
» Gandhi's Illustrious Antecedents
» Taking Sarvodaya to the People
» (Epilogue) The Essence of Gandhi
» Sources