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Publisher's Note
Shri Mahendra Meghani is an able translator and an impartial editor as well. His reading is both intensive and extensive which includes most of the contemporaries of M.K.Gandhi. These authors have written a lot about Gandhiji in form of memoirs, instances, poems and stories. Mahendrabhai has done the fine work of picking the most enchanting pieces of literature from 72 of such books, to give us two volumes of ‘Gandhi Ganga’ in Gujrati. 33 thousand copies of this Gandhi Ganga have been sold in the first year itself. The selection of memoirs, instances and inspiring stories is such that all the sections, regardless of the age or the educational status, of the people will find solutions to their day-to-day problems from it. This book inspires and encourages the younger generation to become familiar with the work of Gandhiji and the underlying philosophy. It is observed that the younger generation would better understand the philosophy if presented in the form of stories and instances. With this in mind Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal - Gandhi Book Centre has come up with a compact version of
Gandhi-ganga which is a collection of 88 assorted stories chosen from the two volumes. We are sure and confident that this abridged version will be like sea in a pitcher for a common reader who is moderately interested in knowing about Gandhiji.
We are heartily thankful to Shri Mahendra Meghani for granting us the permission to publish this abridged compilation and to Mrs. Jyoti M. Verma for translating it from Marathi into English. We also thank ‘Navjivan Trust’ for printing the book.