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Gandhi Ganga (Abridged)

Gandhi-Ganga (Abridged)

Compiled by: Mahendra Meghani

Translated by: Mrs Jyoti Verma

First Edition: 2011

Published by:

Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal - Gandhi Book Center

299 Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai 400 007 India

Printed by:

Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 India.

» Publisher's Note

M.K. Gandhi

» Hatred?


» The Gandhi I Know
» The Day Is Going to Break
» An ode to Malayagiri

Lallubhai Patel

» Erase Those Two Words
» The Ghee-Lamp
» The Work Preceding the Lecture
» Such a Washerman
» Poverty Makes You Shiver

Mili Graham Polak

» Johannesburg Meeting and a Young Man with Knife
» Status of a Woman

Umashankar Joshi

» An Attitude for Saving
» The King's Hospitality
» Do I Dare Drink It?
» The Mother of the Poor
» Half Anna Worth Lakhs of Rupees
» Hit Me on the Head, First
» Both of Us Kept Mum
» Don't Say Mahatma!

Kaka Kalelkar

» Memorising 'Gita'
» Returned Forty Thousand Rupees
» For Saving Untouchability
» Rules of Religious War
» Stern Discipline
» A Representative of Sin
» Affectionate like a Mother
» A Political Prisoner
» A Versatile Player
» Service of the Nation
» Worshipping Truthfulness
» Orthodox Yet Reformer
» From Sabarmati to Yerawada
» Reading in Jail
» Limping Dattoba
» King Alfred
» The Departure

Jugatram Dave

» The Life at Ashram
» Navjeevan - A New Life

Shahnawaz Khan

» The Words Will Resound

Ravishankar Maharaj

» Avail Whatever You Have

Ramnarayan Pathak

» Coordination of Contradicting Forces

Shankarlal Banker

» A Versatile Diplomat
» Should I Ask You To Make a Film?
» Why Did Vishwamitra Behave Like That?

Narhari Parikh

» Mahadevbhai's Diary

Ghanshyamdas Birla

» On The Deathbed of A Patient

Balwant Singh

» Crying Over Spilt Milk
» Only Selfness Service Can Touch the Heart

Clare Sheridan

» Extreme Simplicity

Dhirubhai Thakar

» Immortal Celebrity of A Resplendent Life

Indulal Yagnik

» A Historical Meeting

Tansukh Bhatt

» A Different Kind of Non-Violence

Mukulbhai Kalarthi

» Bapu, The Cobbler
» Pardon Me!
» Sing Only If You Are Melodious
» Why Are You So Scared?
» Obedience
» My Being There Makes A Difference!
» Are You Scared Of Me?
» I Would Eat If Ba Wouldn't!

Raojibhai Patel

» The Mystical Revelation of Gita
» Bapu, For All

Hariprasad Desai

» New Bank is to be Opened

Gunwant Shah

» Jatayu Has Revived

Mahendra Meghani

» The Moth in A Scattered Musical Concert
» Three Icons of Gandhi

Keshubhai Bhavsar

» Gandhi, the Coordinator

Manu Gandhi

» Better Done Than Said
» Seizing Two Compartments

Adam Ghodawala

» Are We Incidental?

Jagdish Chawda

» Aaftab

Jugatram Dave

» Ashram
» Compartment is The Home! Compartment is The Ashram!
» A Joypus Satyagrahi

Josef Doc

» The Hero

Jeevatram Kripalani

» Was Gandhi Modern?

Mirza Ismael

» Saint, Diplomat and Nation-builder

Vallabhbhai Patel

» Ganga Flowing in the Courtyard

John Hans Holmes

» An Excellent Person

Amritlal Vegad

» Introducing Ahimsa to the Battlefield

Nagindas Sanghvi

» An Earning

Chandrashekhar P Shukla

» Lassitude Beats Poverty
» The Lesson of Cleanliness

Mahadevbhai Desai

» The Sorrow of Separation

Ravindranath Tagore

» A Blazing Heart and a Shower of Blessings

Louis Fischer

» Gandhiji and Ravindranath Tagore

Pyarelal Nayyar

» Tiny Things Comprise The Life
» The Last Day