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87. Tiny Things Comprise The Life
Once Gandhiji said that ‘non-violence’ means ‘absolute purity’– the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ purity. He said that our villages have become penniless. The cities are a bit better. But the people living in the villages are pushed in the marsh of illiteracy and are left there to rot. They don’t even get drinking water there. The education of the villagers was neglected and they were pushed into darkness. The villages are infested with diseases, which can be prevented. Every village has a number of quacks and ‘bhagats’ who victimise the poor villagers. We must start rescuing them by helping them change the habits, which deteriorate the condition of their mind and body. There is no dearth of people in this country. But we need effective community efforts. Only then will the environment not let the undeserving people thrive. The community efforts would eradicate illiteracy and poverty, which would lead to the development of a feeling of togetherness.
Thus Gandhiji would advice the villagers regarding their everyday experiences and would try to convince them about the power of non-violence. He never thought that any work was important or ordinary. He emphasised that whatever work a ‘satyagrahi’ performs, whether personal or of public interest, should be done honestly; and that any of his jobs, big or small, should reflect truthfulness. Gandhiji used to say that the small, ordinary things only shaped his life; and that is why he always emphasised, “Whatever I did can be done by everyone.”