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85. A Blazing Heart and a Shower of Blessings
Mahatma Gandhi arrived at an opportune time and went to the doorstep of millions of destitute and poor people. He dressed like them and spoke their dialect. Fortunately, this incarnation of love descended upon India and opened new avenues for her. Gandhiji is a great politician. He can build up big organisations. He is a great reformer too. But, besides this, his greatness lies in his being human. Although he is a staunch believer of principles, he holds human beings more important than principles. He is neither mighty nor wealthy. His impact made the enslaved subjects strongly oppose the tyrant sovereignty. The people have faith in him and are inclined to scarify their lives due to that faith. They can bear any sorrow too. The people who were suppressed for centuries are raising their voice against the tyranny, is no little miracle. They are winning in spite of the torture and without doing harm to anyone. The secret of Gandhi’s success lies in his undeterred self-confidence and inestimable sacrifice. His life is the story of incessant sacrifice. He is neither fascinated by power, nor by wealth, fame, position or success. His power of sacrifice is invincible because it dwells with infinite fearlessness. The mighty kings, the Shahenshahs, the guns or bayonets, the prison or torture or even death cannot render him unsteady. Perhaps he might be unsuccessful like Buddha and Christ, and he may not be able to drive mankind away from its torturous attitude. But people will remember forever that there was a human being whose life was an illustration of faith, courage and love, for the ages to come.