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83. The Lesson of Cleanliness
All of us can learn a lesson in hard work from the army men. A soldier is respected because he defends the country at the cost of his life. He is respected for one more reason; his life is governed by rules and discipline.
The cantonments are extremely clean. Gandhiji had taught us a lesson in cleanliness. In 1934, there was a Harijan Yatra in Coorg. We were required to get up very early in the morning and march ahead. Before leaving the place, Gandhiji came to our room. He saw the trash scattered all over the room. He said with disgust, “Were you going to leave the place like this? If an army stays at a place, it makes the place tidier than before and then leaves. It is a rule. We should also follow the rule. Whichever place you live in everyday, clean it before leaving. I will not accept any excuses about it. Mind well, I will keep a watch.”