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82. Lassitude Beats Poverty
Laziness is an old ailment prevalent among the Hindustani people; it is widespread too. Likewise poverty is also an ailment but its root lies in the idleness. Gandhiji produced ‘Charkha’ and ‘Khadi’ as a solution to it. While traveling for the promotion of Khadi he gained varied experiences, which led him to the opinion that the idleness of these people beats their poverty. Although the body lays idle due to laziness, the mind keeps thinking and roaming. It goes wayward and spoils everything for the person himself and others too. There is a saying in Hindi, ‘an idle man dreams a lot’. In English they say, ‘empty mind, is a devil’s workshop’. In this world, most of the riots and crimes happen due to such jobless and idle people.
The ancient Roman Empire ruled many colonies around it. Their extortion brought them a lot of grains, which used to be distributed among the countrymen, free of charge. Those who used to toil in the fields earlier and were self-dependent became lazy and idle after they started receiving free food. With the passage of time the people started fighting among themselves and riots broke out. The habit of working hard was forgotten and the people became lazy and pleasure loving. All these things led to the fall of The Roman Empire. The mighty subjects dwelling in the jungles of the Northern region attacked and captured Rome.
In our country also, there was an abundance of wealth, luxury and idleness, during the middle ages, which resulted in several defeats in the battles and wars. Receiving food without hard work is like getting cursed. If a society, a nation or even a personal life is to be reconstructed, we have to subject ourselves to incessant hard work. All the eminent persons the world over possess a common quality – incessant hard work.