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79. An Excellent Person
Twenty years back, I had reported to the American people that Gandhiji was the best person in the world. At that time he was not a familiar figure in the Western world.
Gandhiji did not achieve the highest place in this world due to his mental ability or fame. He is neither the commander of an army nor a conqueror. He is not even the highest authority of the sovereignty. He doesn’t even have a dignified appearance. But he achieved it due to his undefeatable will power, by instilling within his countrymen a sense of pride for the nation and generating awareness among them. He taught them the habit of self-restraint. He empowered them to acquire independence and made them worthy of enjoying it. He offered them political independence along with liberation of their souls. Besides this he liberated the untouchables from the slavery and sorrow. In the history of mankind this was the highest feat performed for the liberation of people and will be remembered for ever. His supreme performance was the propagation of the principle of ‘non-violent resistance’ and its application as a tool for establishing liberty, peace and justice in the world.
As an eminent person, Gandhiji can be compared to the greatest people in the world’s history. Like Wilfer Force, Garrison and Lincoln, he was the great liberator of the slaves. As a proponent of ‘unfaltering love’ he can be remembered with Saint Francis, Thoro and Tolstoy. He can also be counted among the greatest Messishs of all times, along with Laotse, Buddha, Zarathustra and Christ. But besides all this, his eminence lies in his being an excellent human being and an excellent person. In one of my books I have written about him, “He is very polite, sophisticated and very affectionate. He has an unbeatable sense of humour. He possesses an alluring simplicity. He is the lord of peace. He has the heart as soft as a flower but his physique is as tough as a diamond. He possesses a transparent power of concentration and his worship of truth is unfluctuating.