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77. Saint, Diplomat and Nation-builder
The assumption that the name and fame of some persons from our times will be immortal is not proper. The next generation will bestow immortality on those whom it prefers. But itís almost impossible that the immortality of Gandhi will fade away in future. He is the greatest among his contemporaries. He is the Icon of Indian people and his love for his country resonates from his speech. He conquered his countrymen by his non-violent attitude and a life style replete with noblest values. His deep impression on a large portion of the Hindi population suggests that he is the most influential person in the British regime.
There is absolutely no one in India who follows the voice of his soul, is religious and a staunch observer of principles. Also there is none who can beat his diplomatic acumen. His values render him unlimited strength. His personal life is spotless. One can find an amazing unification of mind, speech and performance within his personality. He is extremely religious and reminds you of saints and hermits. On the contrary he is also one who has generated awareness in the countrymen, has revitalised the Indian people, has rekindled their self-esteem and has always been a proud carrier of his culture. He is a great diplomat and an extraordinary seer. A new Indian Nation is rising and Gandhiji is the builder of that nation.