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76. Was Gandhi Modern ?
If abiding by truth and moral values is a sign of modernity then we can call Gandhi modern.
If keeping the promises and performing the accepted jobs to completion is a sign of modernity, he was modern. If patience and discretion are considered modern, then Gandhiji should be called modern. Be behaving nicely with an opponent and with one who holds a different opinion is being modern, then Gandhiji must be considered modern. One who possesses humility and behaves equally with all, irrespective of their designation, power and possessions, is modern in the real sense. If identifying with the downtrodden is being, modern, Gandhi was one. If working incessantly for poor, famished, lowly people is being modern, Gandhiji must be called so. And above all, if sacrificing one’s life for a noble cause is called modernity, then Gandhiji possessed it for sure.