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75. The Hero
I first saw Gandhiji in the last week of Dec. 1907. I made up my mind to meet this Asian leader. His office on the corner of Resil and Anderson Road was just like any other office. All of a sudden, a tiny, slender but agile figure stood in front of me. His skin was dark, his eyes were also black but there was a pure smile on his face. His straight, fearless glance captured my heart at once. He must be thirty-eight or so. The gray streaks in the hair bore witness to the vast amount of work he had to handle. He spoke perfect English. His personality exuded his values.
He offered me a seat and asked the purpose of my visit. He attentively listened to what I said. When I finished, he logically explained the condition of the Asian people residing there. I was listening to such a meticulous explanation for the first time. He explained even the smallest issues in detail. He convinced me calmly and patiently.
I was drawn to this Indian leader immediately due to his calm and stable disposition, his greatness and his transparent honesty.
We had an unbreakable bond of friendship between us when we parted our ways.