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63. New Bank is to be Opened
The Satyagraha Ashram was founded on a very small scale in Shri. Jeevanbhai’s bunglow at Kochrab. I used to go for a walk in the evenings. Now Satyagraha Ashram became my favourite place to visit everyday. I used to discuss a lot of things with Gandhiji. The discussions would be prolonged. He would be willing to talk about health, food, religion, literature, medical science, social reform, farming, service to others etc. He wasn’t yet called ‘Mahatma’. He wanted to assess truly where he stood in this country! Gokhale had advised him to observe the country for a year. He had also asked him to abstain from delivering a public speech till then. On the day the time limit was crossed, I was with him. I asked him, “Please tell me what did you observe in the country?”
Nervously he said, “It’s just a drama going on here. Nobody really wants to scarify his life for the country.” I was shocked to hear this. I exclaimed, “What are you saying? Lokmanya, Malviyaji, and the Bengali leaders... you have met them all. Still you say so?”
Gandhiji said, “I am extremely sorry. I am sorry to say such things about these great people, but I now what I am saying!”
I asked, “What about the revolutionaries who throw bombs? Aren’t they prepared to die?”
Gandhiji said, “They are the exceptions. It’s true that they don’t fear death, but I don’t agree with their way of doing things.” Then he discussed non-violence, which is devoid of bloodshed, killings and is a peaceful way of doing things. He said, “If the country will accept my path, I am sure to get freedom. The things that happened in South Africa can happen here too. But I don’t want to cash in on that account. I will have to save money anew and establish a new bank!”