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60. I Would Eat If Ba Wouldn't!
Kasturba was an expert cook. Her culinary skills were of no use when Bapu started refraining from choice in eating. In spite of that, she would sometimes make his favorite dishes. She was fond of making and offering choicest dishes to others and enjoy them herself. During her last sickness, she was in Agha Khan palace. She used to suggest Manu to make something special for Dr. Gilder’s breakfast. Once she asked Manu to make Puranpoli (sweet stuffed roti). She said, “I will also relish it today. Ask Bapu if he would have it too!”
Kasturba was not keeping well and a heavy food like Puranpoli would aggravate her cardiac condition. When Manu asked Gandhiji about this, he did remember it. He said, “Yes, I would have it only if Ba would keep away from it.” Kasturba didn’t at all hesitate in deciding, she said, “Accepted! I won’t eat it.” Later, she served the puranpoli to Bapu and others but refrained from eating it as promised.