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58. My Being There Makes A Difference!
In 1932, taking up the issue of untouchability, Bapu set upon an indefinite hunger strike in Yerawada jail. Ba, at that time, was in Sabarmati jail. She felt miserable because she was not with Bapu in that situation. Bapu’s life being put at stake made her uneasy. Once, talking to her jail inmates, she gave way to her feelings saying, “We do read Bhagwat and Ramayan, but never came across the mention of this kind of fast. But Bapu is one of his own kind. He would always do something out of this world. The situation is unpredictable!” Those inmates tried to appease her saying, “Ba, why do you worry? Government will offer many facilities to Bapu.” Kasturba replied, “Government would offer many things but would he accept them? He would never cooperate. Really, I have never seen a person like him! I know so many stories from Puranas but there never was a monk like him.” After a while she would say, “It hardly matters in fact. Mahadev is there, even Vallabhbhai and Sarojinidevi too. But my presence there would certainly make a difference.”