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57. Obedience
Bapu founded Bharat Gramodyog Sangh and stayed in Maganwadi to establish it properly. In those days it was customary that the native people would do everything.
Once, Bapu and C.Kumarappa had to take up the job of cleaning utensils. Both of them gladly started doing so. Somehow Ba got the news. She came to kitchen and started scolding Gandhiji. She said, “Don’t you have better work to do? There are so many important things to be done. You would better go and do them.” Bapu kept cleaning while listening to Ba’s scoldings, which added fuel to Ba’s anger. She snatched the utensils from his hands and started cleaning herself.
Only the coconut scrubber remained in Bapu’s soiled hands. Laughing, he said to Kumarappa, “You really are a happy man, because you don’t have a wife to dictate you. But I have to obey Ba to keep peace at home. I hope you will forgive me for appointing Ba to assist you in this job.” Bapu then washed himself and went to his cottage. Ba and Kumarappa then continued their work.