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54. Pardon Me!
Bapu used to observe silence every Sunday after 3 p.m. On Sundays and Mondays some time would be reserved for visitors or anyone who wanted to communicate with him. Once, only a few minutes before 3 O’clock, Vallabhbhai said, “Come, now get done with whatever you have to ask or say.” “You sound as if a ‘will’ is being prepared,” retorted Mahadevbhai. Intervening them Bapu said, “If that is the case, let me also register; pardon me for my misdeeds!” and there was a childlike smile on his face. Fondly reminiscing an incident, he continued, “Ba would always say, pardon me for my follies! Poor thing!” Vallabhbhai intervened, “Yes, but when did she say that?” Bapu said, “Oh! She said so when police came to arrest me. Tears would trickle down here face and she would mutter, ‘pardon me if I erred!’ Poor thing! She must have thought that it was for the last time that we were together; who knows if death would occur before being forgiven.”