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50. Immortal Celebrity of A Resplendent Life
Mahadevbhai Desai’s son, Narayan Desai had imbibed Gandhi’s philosophy and demeanour since his childhood. Along with his mother tongue Guajarati he is equally proficient with Bengali, Hindi and English. He has written more than a dozen books. But the essence of his creativity is truly exhibited in Mahadev Desai and Gandhiji’s biographies he has written. ‘A Rose In A Fire Pit' (Agnikundma Ugelu Gulab – pub.1992) is the name of Mahadevbhai’s biography. As fascinating as a novel, it’s not only Mahadevbhai’s biography but Gandhiji’s too.
Narayanbhai’s supreme gift is Gandhiji’s biography in four volumes for which he had to labour for years together. The Book is named, ‘Maru Jeevan Ej Mari Vani’ (My Life Is My Voice). The biography is spread over 2000 pages. Its publication is a milestone in Guajarati literature as well as an important incident of the righteous life-style of Gujarat. Hundreds of books have been written about Gandhiji’s life and work. But a comprehensive biography was not available in Guajarati. Mahadevbhai had wished to write such a biography which would offer a minute-to-minute commentary on Gandhiji’s life and which would rank among world’s best literature. So he wrote diaries to keep track of happenings but his untimely demise curbed the efforts. Now Narayanbhai has fulfilled his father’s wish by writing this biography. The writer has included a lot of hard to obtain subject matter in it, to make this epic-like biography attain eminence and honour. A number of interesting anecdotes have been included in this ‘Mahakatha’.
There are a number of minute details only Narayanbhai could have provided and which have bedecked this piece of literature like tiny jewels. Narayan Desai is a potential thinker who has established Gandhian philosophy at the universal level. Nonetheless, he is an eminent painter who has portrayed in letters the resplendent life of this world leader and has lent it immortality. This literary service of Narayanbhai will be as immortal as Gandhi himself.