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Bapu's Blessings
48. Only Selfness Service Can Touch the Heart
At Sawali village, goats were offered in sacrifice to a deity, on a specific day people would individually bring a goat, offer it in sacrifice and then cook it for the meal. I wrote its description in detail and sent it to Bapu. It was a horrendous sight. The big, fat goats were hung there. Bapu sent a reply to my letter.
Dear Balwant Singh,
The description of sacrificing the goats for the deity was very painful. The age-old superstitions cannot be eradicated easily. People would not listen to us unless we serve the people and win their hearts. Appealing to one’s discretion is even more difficult. A selfless service easily appeals to the heart. Presently, we will have to serve these people who offer such sacrifices to the deity. We will eradicate the superstitions when we get the chance. But mind well, the scene you have witnessed among the illiterate villagers can also be seen happening among Calcutta’s literate people, on a very large scale.