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45. Mahadevbhai's Diary
In 1917, Mahadevbhai came to stay with Gandhiji. He regularly kept diary until his death in 1942. He would often make notes about Gandhijiís letters, his speeches, his conversations with people, his thoughts about a lot of things, in his diary. Gandhijiís life is like an open book. People donít know as much about any other leader as they know about personal and private life of Gandhiji. Still a lot of things remain to be known about him.
These diaries contain anecdotes about Gandhijiís life, his peculiarities and his philosophy of life. One can also find the comments about the books he had read and a lot of intriguing citations from some books, in those diaries. Mahadevbhaiís diaries might be having very raw details but they are the most important ingredients of Gandhijiís life. They would ever be an inspirational literature for the mankind. Mahadevbhaiís Diaries hold the foremost place among this kind of literature because of the grandeur of the subject matter and its style of presentation.