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41. Coordination of Contradicting Forces
Gandhiji had a wonderful coordination of a number of contradictory forces within his personality. In spite of being a revolutionary he defers antiquity. He is soft yet stubborn. He is insistent yet liberal also. He is loving as well as dreadful. That is why his words would be extremely penetrating many a times. Once he said, “ Instead of having this country in such a pitiful condition, I would rather have it vanished from this earth!”
On some other occasion he said, “If woman is going to be men’s slave for ever, I would prefer the human race to have no lineage.” If a countrywide ‘Satyagrah’ is called upon and thousands of youngsters have to suffer and die, I am sure he wouldn’t shed a single tear for it. To me he seems to possess a mysterious natural power, rather than being an ordinary human being. The nature, which nurtures extremely microorganisms, creates typhoons also for unknown reasons, creates crevices in the mountains and also devastates the countries altogether. Just like nature Gandhiji can also serve the lowly people as well as can accept the destruction of thousands of people. The nature kills a lot of people to set an example. Gandhiji can give up anything to prove the truth. Although he is very simple and straightforward because of the energies springing from the depth of his soul, he appears to me mysterious, incomprehensible, obscure and irresistible, just like nature.