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40. Avail Whatever You Have
Once a few youngsters came to me. During the conversation they said, “Maharaj, we want to eat eggs. What do you say?” What was I going to say? I said instantly, “Friends, why do you ask me? You should rather ask the one who lays them. He said, “But Dada, what if we eat lifeless eggs?” “Tell me one thing, is there any need to eat them?” I asked them. One of them  exclaimed, “ Why? Eggs are full of vitamins and proteins!” “Why don’t you first avail the vitamins you have? Tell me if they are not sufficient!” I remembered an incident about Gandhiji and I told them about it. Gandhiji was an avid researcher. He would do a lot of experiments. His life itself was an experiment. Once it came to his mind that if man would get used to eating raw food, it would save him a lot of time and he can gain energy from minimum amount of food. Decided! He started experimenting on himself. It was his specialty. I too liked the idea and joined him. All went on smoothly until Bapu had diarrhea!
Once I went to his room to fetch something. He called me and asked, “Are you still experimenting? Have you lost some weight?” I said, “Yes, I must  lost about a quarter ‘ser’. “And what about energy?” “I feel it has lessened too.” He asked me, “What do you do these days?” I told him about the jobs entrusted to me. He asked, “Do you handle all these things?” I said, “Yes, I have no problem in handling them.” He again said, “And still you say that you feel less energetic?” I didn’t know what to say to this ‘Baniya’(a grocer). But Bapuji’s comments thereafter left an everlasting impression on me.
He said, “Do you know that if you have more energy in your body than it requires, it leads to a number of disorders. This has to be understood. That is why you should have only that much energy as you require to do your jobs. Surplus energy is not beneficial. Rather, it leads your mind and senses to perversion.