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36. The Departure
However enthusiastic a person might be about going to jail, he exhales a sigh of relief as the day for his release closes in. But I felt contradictory to it this time. Being prisoners we didnít have a free will to go out of the prison whenever we wished. But I didnít wish to be released since here I had the opportunity to stay with Bapu. Although the rules and regulations of this prison were very strict, they did not matter to me due to Bapuís company. For more than five months, I felt as if I was staying at home and that someone was dragging me out of it now. I spent the remaining days in a depressed condition. At last, the moment of release came. I packed my things off and sent them to the jailorís office. I finished the morning chores and got ready to go.
Bapuji affectionately gave me some instructions. He said, ďYou are going out in the hustle and bustle of the outside world after the seclusion of so many days. You might get excited. On your first day outside, eat a little. Meet everybody but donít keep awake till late.Ē I bent down to touch his feet. He patted me on the back; it had both his love and blessings. On that day I experienced the agony of separation! I was fortunate to have the opportunity of living with Bapuji for so many days. But I wasnít fortunate enough to get such a chance either before or after that. It was an exceptionally rare companionship!!!