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32. From Sabarmati to Yerawada
Gandhiji never thought of my transfer from Sabarmati to Yerawada, and if someone had asked me, I too would have said ‘no’! Although I was at the Ashram right from the beginning, I was never among those who looked after him closely. I did not know the minute details of his requirements. Secondly, I have never done anything meticulously in my life. Hence, I never felt that I could look after him properly. Although, it was a rare opportunity to be with him in the jail, yet fearing that Bapu would not be satisfied with my service, I would have said ‘no’. Bapuji thought, “Kaka has settled well in Sabarmati jail. He teaches a lot of political prisoners there. He is rather running a college there with the help of a number of scholars. It would be improper to disturb him.”
Inspector General of Prisons Colonel Durdle knew me well. He was just transferred from Armed Forces as Jail Superintendent when I was sent to Sabarmati jail. We had known each other for over six months and had cordial relations. So he chose me. I was brought to Yerawada jail in spite of Gandhiji’s unwillingness. I was sent to the European ward where Bapuji was kept. I was happy to see him. In fact, I was close to tears but I recovered myself and touched his feet.