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30. Worshipping Truthfulness
Those were the days when the Ashram was being founded. We were residing at the Kochrab bunglow. Teacher Dhondo Keshav Karve had come to Ahmedabad to collect funds for his institution. He came to the Ashram to see Bapu. Bapu asked the inmates of the Ashram to gather and to offer salutation by prostrating in front of him (Sashtang Pranipat). He said, “When Gokhaleji had come to South Africa, I asked him, who are the honest people in your region? He said, “I can’t include my name in the list. I try very hard to be truthful but in politics you have to lie on some occasions. But I know three persons who are genuinely honest. One is the teacher Karve, second Shankarrao Lawate (who worked for prohibition all his life.) and the third...” and he stopped. Then said, “These staunch followers of truth are to be respected by us.” The motive behind the foundation of this Ashram is the worship of truth. Having such a follower of truth in the Ashram makes it a very auspicious day for us.” Karve almost choked with vehement emotions; he couldn’t say anything. He simply said to Gandhiji, “Bapu, you have been extremely gentle with me. Do I stand comparison with you?”