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7. The Work Preceding The Lecture
Once Gandhiji went to London from South Africa. He had become popular there as a great leader from Africa. In those days a lot of Indian people stayed there. Many of them were students and some were revolutionaries. All of them wished freedom for India. Taking advantage of Gandhiji’s presence there, they organised a programme. It was decided that food would be served first and then the lectures would be delivered.
The youngsters requested Gandhiji to be the chairperson. He accepted it on some conditions. The terms were that the food would be strictly vegetarian and liquor won’t be served. The youngsters agreed to it. The boys were happy that they had Gandhiji, the winner of the African revolution, as their chairperson. The boys enthusiastically took up cleaning the vessels and vegetables etc. Gandhiji reached there six hours prior to the programme and started working with the boys. Nobody knew that their chief guest was washing dished with them.
The programme was about to commence. The conveners stood at the door waiting for Gandhiji. But Gandhiji had not come yet. Someone said that he would be late, so they would better have a look at the arrangements for food. A leader went inside. A lean and thin person was working in the kitchen with the boys. The leader was shocked to see him as if a man from CID had come there. Someone inquired, ‘who is he?’ Ashamed, the leader said, “He is Mr. Gandhi, the chairperson of our programme!” The word spread out. People sitting in the hall came to know that the chairperson was working in the kitchen.
Some people said, “Should the guest be asked to do such chores? This is shameful!”. The revolutionaries were amazed with Gandhiji’s behaviour. Quickly they went to him and asked to stop working. Gandhiji replied, “Wait, let me first finish the job.” Then the food was served. Gandhiji helped in serving the food and then delivered a soulful address.