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3. The Day Is Going To Break
No sooner than we got freedom, God deprived us of Gandhiji. Humans can hardly comprehend what God proposes, yet we can guess it by thinking deeply. If it wasn’t God‘s will to give us absolute freedom, He might have let Gandhiji be amongst us. But He wished us to be free of all kinds of enslavements. The Britishers’ quitting our country had freed us of external pressures. God has disoriented us by taking Gandhiji away. It seems that Gandhiji is saying, “You are absolutely free. Apply your reasoning power and be free in the real sense of the term. However great a man may be, can he free the whole country? I will have to put myself to sleep.”
Similarly, I have to get freedom for myself. If God would always send a messiah for us it won’t ensure our progress. God doesn’t incarnate very often. People say that darkness has spread out after Gandhiji’s demise, but I feel that the day is about to break. Open your eyes and you would know. Gandhiji used to say time and again, think discreetly over whatever I say; accept it only if it appeals to your reason. But we didn’t even care to think and kept following him. That is why God must have decided to make us think.