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A bunch of old letters: Written to Jawaharlal Nehru and some written by him: Asia Publishing House, Bombay, 1958, xvii + 511 p.p
An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth: M.K.Gandhi; Navjivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, 1956, xv +528 pp
Gandhi began writing the autobiography in 1922, in prison. It first appeared in Gujarati in December 1925. The English translation by Mahadev Desai, approved by Gandhiji, was serialized in Young India. The autobiography appeared in book form –Vol.II in 1929. It was issued in a one-volume edition in 1940 and has since been reprinted several times.
Gandhiji Correspondence with government : Foreword and introduction by Pyarelal, Navjivan Publishing House, Ahmadabad, 1959, xviii + 375pp.
A collection of Gandhiji’s letters to Government from Aga Khan’s Palace, Poona ,where he was in detention during 1942-44, and after his release.
Harijan : weekly journal founded by Gandhiji and published under the auspices of the Servants of the untouchables society (Harijan Sewak Sangh) Poona. It had a succession of editors: R.V.Sastri (February 11, 1933 to April 5, 1935); Mahadev Desai (April 13, 1935 to October 20, 1940 and January 18, 1942 to August 16, 1942), and Pyarelal (February 10, 1946 to February 22, 1948), K.G. Mashruwala (April 4, 1948 to September 13, 1952) and M.P. Desai (September 20, 1952 to February 25, 1856), when it was published from Ahmedabad. The paper was suspended during the “Individual Satyagraha” against War in 1940, and again in 1942 on the eve of the “Quit India” Movement and Gandhiji’s arrest and incarceration. The management came over to the Navjivan Trust, ahmedabad, simultaneously with its revival on January 18, 1942. In 1946 (when publication was resumed) and 1947, the paper published reports of Gandhiji’s prayer speeches during his tours of West and east Bengaland Bihar and stay in Delhi, during a period of unpresented communal turmoil. Started originally as the mouthpiece of the movement for the removal of untouchability under Gandhiji’s leadership, Harijan soon became the authentic forum for the expression of his views on all major subjects, constituting thus a basic source of his writing until his death.
Indian Review: Monthly magazine founded in 1900 and edited and published by G.A. Natesan from Madras.
Speeches and writing of Mahatma Gandhi : G. A. Natesan & co., Madras, 1934, 4th edition, viii+1072+xvpp.
With Gandhiji in Ceylon: Ed. Mahadev Desai : S. Ganesan, Madras, 1928, 159+vii pp.
A Journal of Gandhiji’s Ceylon tour in 1927 and authorized version of his speeches in course of it.
Young India : Weekly paper edited by Gandhiji and published by Navjivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, from October 8, 1919. On Gandhiji’s imprisonment in 1922, Shuaid Qureshi took over the editorship, from March 30, and continued as editor till May 25. C. Rajagopalachari then assumed editorship on June 1, and functioned till September 20, 1923. After him, George Joseph took over the responsibility from September 27 and acted as editor till March 27, 1924 and carried on as editor till May 8, 1930. One issue after this date appeared under the editorship of J.C. Kumarappa. During the period July 17, 1930 to March 5, 1931, the paper appeared in the form of cyclostyled sheets, published by M.M. Bhatt. On March 12, 1931, Gandhiji once again became the editor, holding that position till December 31, 1931, after which weekly ceased publication. During 1919-31, expect for the term of his imprisonment in 1922-24 and his absence at ht second Round Table Conference in 1931, the weekly carried his innumerable writings and report of his important speeches, becoming a basic source for the period.