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Leadersí Responsibility
I AM convinced that the masses do not want to fight, if the leaders do not. If, therefore, the leaders agree that mutual rows should be, as in all advanced countries, erased out of our public life as being barbarous and irreligious, I have no doubt that the masses will quickly follow them. Both (Hindus and Muslims) will act simultaneously (i.e., do the right thing without expecting reciprocation), as soon as the workers become true to them selves. Unfortunately, they are not. They are mostly ruled by passion and prejudice. Each tries to hide the shortcomings of his co-religions and so the circle of distrust and suspicion ever widens.
If we, the so-called leaders, have no control over our fighting elements, our agreement must be held to be unreal and useless. Before we think of real Swaraj, we must gain control over the masses. We must learn to behave ourselves.

The Test
You cause, all the best opinion of the world has borne witness is just. Are you just? Are you sincere? The rest is simple. A sincere and true men is ready to sacrifice himself for a cause. Are you ready to sacrifice your ease, comfort commerce and even your life? Then, you are Satyagrahis and you will win.

Workers of Faith
For this consummation (that unity will be considered by the classes and masses as the breath of our nostrilsí) we must, it seems to me, rely more upon quality than quantity. Given a sufficient number of Hindus and Musalmans with almost a fanatical faith in everlasting friendship between the Hindus and Musalmans in India, we shall not be long before the unity permeates the masses. A few of us must first clearly understand that we can make no headway without accepting non-violence in thought, word and deed for the full realization of our political ambition. I would, therefore, beseech you to see that our ranks contain no workers who do not fully realize the essential truth I have endeavored to place before you. A living faith cannot be manufactured by the rule of majority.

Only Solution
But how is the cure (of Hindu-Muslim tension) to be effected? Who will convince the Hindu maniac that the best way to save the cow is for him to do his duty be her and not goad his Musalman brother? Who will convince the Musalman fanatic that it is not religion but irreligion to break the head of his Hindu brother when he plays music in front of his mosque? Or, again , who will make the Hindu see that he will lose nothing by the minorities being even over-represented on the elective public secular bodies? These are fair questions and show the difficulty to working out the solution.
But if the solution is the only true solution all difficulties must be overcome. In reality, the difficulty is only apparent. If there are even a few Hindus and a few Musalmans only who have a living faith in the solution, the rest is easy. Indeed, even if there are a few Hindus only, or a few Musalmans only, with the faith, the solution would be still easy They have but to work away single heatedly and the others will follow them.

Freedom of Action
As to the distraction caused by opposing advice by different leaders the workers will make their selection of their leaders and follow them. But that is also only advisable when the advice of the leader appeals to their heart and head. In the case of conflict between two, they must boldly follow their own heart and head. Such is the dictate of all religions. If it is so in religious matters, it is more so in mundane matters.
The answer (as to what should a Hindu worker do when he is being deliberately misrepresented by interested parties) in terms of Ahimsa, generally would be that acts should be that acts should be allowed to speak for themselves. Whilst this is good as a general proposition, there are occasions when to speak and explain is a duty and not to speak will amount to a falsehood. Therefore, wisdom dictates that there are some occasions when speech must be accompany action. Of course, there is an occasion when mere thought will take the place of speech and action. Such is the attribute of the Almighty and might be almost possible for one in a billion, but I know no such instance.
The fact is that a leader is made by his followers. He reflects in a clearer manner the aspirations lying dormant among the masses. This is true not only of India but of all the world.
What I would, therefore, suggest to both the Hindus and the Musalmans is that they should not look to the Muslim league or the Congress or the Hindu Mahasabha for the solution of their daily problems of life. For that they should look towards themselves; and if they do that, then , their desire for neighborly peace will be reflected by the leaders. The political institutions may be left to deal with specifically the political questions, but how much do they know about the daily needs of individuals? If a neighbor is ailing will they run to the Congress or the League to ask them what should be done? That is an unthinkable proposition.
Let all political workers, be they Hindu, Muslim or any other, ponder well over what is happening before their eyes. Let is not be said by the future generations that we were trying to learn how to lose liberty before it was even gained.

Womenís Role
In the mission of mine, I can count on the healthy and active co-operation my sisters, who beat all previous records of suffering and sacrifice during the last heroic campaign. To them I say : If you are convinced that the Hindu-Muslim unity is a sine qua non, I ask you to use against your own countrymen the same weapon of Satyagraha that you used so effectively against the Government. Tell your men that you will non-co-operate with them, you will not cook for them, you will starve yourselves and them so long as they do not wash their hands of these dirty communal squabbles. Assure me your co-operation and you will add tremendously to my strength and to my power of pleading.

Students and Teachers
What can students do to bring about Hindu Muslim unity? The way was is simple. Even if all the Hindu turn rowdies and abuse you, you may not cease to regard them as your blood brothers and vice versa. Is it impossible? No, rather the contrary. And what is possible for the individual is possible for the mass.
I would ask all the school masters, now that they are no longer under the observation of the foreign masters, that they should recognize their true function, even at the risk of their lives, to give the right bent to the minds of those whom it is their proud privilege to mould.